Friday, June 19, 2015

Gratitude Journaling

A big thing that I've seen in the last few years is gratitude journaling. It comes in a lot of different forms. People write one thing a day that they're thankful for or three things or five things or maybe write a couple of pages about the things that they're thankful for.

I believe that taking a little time each day to acknowledge and appreciate the things that we are thankful for is a great thing to do and can help with our outlook on life. It can make us really see all of the good things that we do have in our lives. It can take our focus from the bad to the good for a while to remind us of the good things that we do have.

I myself don't keep a dedicated gratitude journal. However, I do have a planner that I use pretty much every day. Most of the inserts that I use in my planner I design myself and I try to work in some sort of section for a daily or weekly gratitude.

What about all of you? Do you take time, in some way or another, throughout your day (or even week) to stop, acknowledge and appreciate the things that you are grateful for? I would love to know if and how you do. As well as your thoughts on gratitude journaling in general. Let me know in the comments!! :)

Have a beautiful day!!

(Enjoy the little things). 

<3 Amanda Leigh
Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Update


I just wanted to give you all a little update about some things that are going on. :) 

I've been working on releasing my fiction debut, My Heart is Yours. It is going to be coming out this year. I've been doing final edits and working on promotion. Oh and I have an amazing cover for it! Designed by It is an absolutely amazing cover and fits the book perfectly. The cover reveal is scheduled for 3/23/15 and is being organized by Also, the book is up on GoodReads if you're on there and feel like adding it to your To Read List. I'm very excited (and nervous) to let this story out into the world!

Also, I've been working on a YA Paranormal trilogy. I've written the first drafts of the first two books, am planning the third book in the trilogy and am also planning a short story to go along with it. This series has a lot of potential for many stories. Next month I'm planning on participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and getting the first 10,000 words written - at least. 

I've also opened up an Etsy shop that has some of my photography on it. I will be adding more things to this and working on it more. 

There is also something else that I've been thinking of working on. ;) 

Plus, I've been keeping up my book/writing blog and all of my social media accounts. 

I hope that you're all doing well! Have a beautiful day! 

<3 Amanda Leigh
Saturday, February 28, 2015

Re-Run: Happy Rare Disease Day!!

Today is Rare Disease Awareness Day! There are many more rare disease than one might think. I just found out today that for a disease to be qualified as rare in the United States less than 250,000 people have to have it. There are approximately 500 people with Cystinosis living in the United States. Worldwide there are abut 2,000. Today I'm going to share some links with you.

My blog post talking about Nephropathic Cystinosis and my experience with it: 

The Cystinosis Research Network's website: 

More information about Cystinosis from the Cystinosis Research Network:

The What is Cystinosis Page on A Happy Girl's Blog: 

In honor of Rare Disease Day last year one of my best friends, Yulia, highlighted Cystinosis and my work on Imgur. <3 You can check that out here: 

The Cystinosis Research Network -Ways To Help:

Shop (15% of all purchases go directly to the Cystinosis Research Network):

Sign Up for a Membership with the Cystinosis Research Network (for immediate family, extended family/friend or professional):

Were those enough links for you? :) I hope that you learned about Cystinosis and that maybe you check out some of the other links as well. Maybe you'll bid on an auction bundle! Or help us spread the word by sharing this post or one of the links above! You can show support for Rare Disease Awareness Day by wearing jeans! (Or hey, something denim!) We appreciate any help that you can give! Every little bit counts, no matter how big or small. Oh and, there may be a fundraiser from me in the near future. So keep an eye out for that! Thank you so much everyone! :)

<3 Amanda Leigh
Friday, February 20, 2015

New Blog Design!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to do a quick post to announce my new blog design. I absolutely LOVE it!! It's just what I was looking for for this blog. I got this design from Blogaholic Designs. I would definitely recommend them. I'm really happy with this new design. I hope that you guys like it. :)

Also, I'm going to try to get back to posting on this blog regularly. I've been getting back into the swing of things and the first things that I had to focus on were my writing/editing and my book/writing blog. ( Which I also just got a new design on; a custom design from Imagination Blog Designs. I absolutely ADORE it. Anyway, once I get those things down I'll be trying to post more regularly on here. I hope that you are all having a great 2015. Happy Belated New Year and Valentine's Day!! ;) <3

<3 Amanda  Leigh
Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! I know that this post is late, but I always do it. I did alright with my New Year's Goals for 2014. I didn't complete all of them and they did get switched around, but that's okay. It happens sometimes. I did write the first draft of two books in 2014, so that's pretty good. Hopefully, I'll complete all of my 2015 Goals. And here they are:

2015 New Year's Goals:

1. Read 20 books in 2015.

2. Release My Heart is Yours.

3. Edit Beauty of the Dark and send to my critique partner.

4. Edit book 2 in my Beauty of the Dark trilogy and send to my critique partner.

5. Write the first draft of book 3 in my Beauty of the Dark trilogy.

6. Finally release that 'secret project' sometime this year.

Okay, those are all of my goals. What about you? Do you have any goals for 2015?

<3 Amanda Leigh 
Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recipe ~ Simple Crockpot Chicken

I LOVE to cook!! But some days, there isn't enough time or you're just way too tired. That's when having a crockpot can really come in handy. This is a recipe that is super simple and tastes delicious!!

You Will Need:

One can of Cream of Celery Soup
One can of Cream of Chicken Soup
One can of Chicken Broth
One can of Kidney or Black Beans
A pack of chicken thighs (whatever type you want - skin, no skin, bone, no bone, whichever) or chicken drumsticks
Pasta of your choice (I really like either egg noodles or rice noodles with this)


Rinse beans in water and drain. Pour in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour about half of the can of the chicken broth in the bottom. Prep the chicken anyway you like/need to (wash and salt and pepper it, for example) then place over the beans. Next, put in the cans of Cream of Celery and Cream of Chicken soup. Mix around a bit and add the rest of the chicken broth. Stir the liquid. Add spices of your choice if you like. (I add some garlic salt and Adobo).

Turn the crockpot on. Either cook on low for eight hours or high for four to five hours.

<3 Amanda Leigh
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy





Listening to music. 




Arts and Crafts. 

Darkroom and digital photography. 

Watching LOST. 


Making a new recipe that turns out wonderfully. 

Cooking for other people. 

Chicken, prepared lots of different ways. 



Sometimes coffee. 



Fundraising/donating to causes that I believe in. 

New books. 

New journals. 

Publishing a new book. 

A great review of one of my books. 

People that I love. 

Sailor Moon. 

Characters that I love. 

<3 Amanda Leigh